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Harvard Student Evicted Over Gun Rights

A Harvard graduate student was told she has to move out of her apartment after her roommates found her legally owned firearms “uncomfortable” and anxiety-inducing.…

Becoming A Better Shooter

Over many years of shooting, we tend to observe and experience cause-and-effect sequences that can help us improve our shooting skills. This includes our abilities…

Doctors Plan To Form Movement Against NRA

The feud between the National Rifle Association and the medical community still rages on, with the latest round coming from physicians who released an editorial saying…

Covering The Bases On A Home Invasion

If you ask gun owners why they purchase firearms, most indicate for home defense. This is a very good reason to own a firearm, but…

Putin Pushes For Great Gun Control In Russia

The Russian President on Thursday said the country was in dangerous times and needed to step up gun regulations for public safety. (more…)

How Russia Responded To A Mass Shooting

A high-profile shooting at a college in the Crimean city of Kerch last week may result in Russia’s already strict gun laws ratcheting tighter. (more…)

NRA Pushes For Success

The National Rifle Association is digging deep to knock out entrenched red state Democrats Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly in next month’s mid-term elections. (more…)

Dems Push To Ban Semi-Autos And Mags

A gun safety working group established by Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo last week announced their findings and recommendation. (more…)

Trump Promises To Eliminate Bump Stocks

When questioned on the one-year anniversary of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting, President Trump said his administration was looking to soon “eliminate”…

3D Gun Developer Is Out On Bond

3D gun developer Cody Wilson was brought back to the U.S. by federal agents and was handed over to state authorities in connection to a…