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Detroit Plan Bullet Control Policy

A Wayne County Commissioner on Tuesday unveiled a plan for new limits, taxes, mental screening and background checks on the sale of ammunition.

District 6 Commissioner Reggie “Reg” Davis, a radio host who entered politics after his brother was fatally shot, announced the multi-pronged proposal at a press conference held at his family’s mausoleum space.

In addition to calling on more controls nationally, the measure would mandate local regulations that would include a mental illness and background check certified by law enforcement prior to each bullet sale — with police handling the transfer.

“We’re up against some state and federal laws. Even if it takes me going to lobby in D.C., and I expect it will, we need to make these changes,” Davis, a Democrat, told The Detroit Free Press.

Besides a limit on sales and the expanded checks, Davis plans to include a special tax on the sale of ammunition to pay for the measure. Previous taxes on bullets in Seattle, Washington, and Cook County, Illinois have resulted in lengthy court challenges from retailers and Second Amendment groups.

Davis plans to submit the fleshed out proposal to commissioners next month and says he considers it a model that can be replicated nationwide. Well known in the community, he is the founder of CeaseFire Youth Initiative, a group that uses conflict resolution advocacy organization aimed at curbing youth violence.



  • Ruckweiler

    What next? Tax your thoughts on firearms and ammunition? Michigan has a LOT of hunters and firearms enthusiasts who’ll have their say, sure.


    • 45 cal

      SiliiyCon Valley Socialists have already declared talking about firearms and 2nd Amendment is hate speech and banned from their monopolistic media control. Where do they get these Facist biased religion? It started with the Communist rebelion in the late 1960s with university administrators and government “leaders” yielding to demands of students to be taught what they wanted to learn. Students teaching teachers? Crazy! Results: extreme leftist indoctrinating the fertile minds of immature students.Now we have world domination of these “educated”? multi-billionaire brats dictating business and politicians. No wonder many are thinking this country is almost lost.


  • Joseph Anthony

    Not surprised. Democrat policies causing the mass slaughter yet law abiding citizens pay the price. I’ve seen what bullets and grenades do. I’ll never support gun control in any form well maybe. Ban Democrats from gun ownership and the murder rate and crime rate is cut overnight.


  • Taz

    Another liberal idiot who thinks that another law is always the solution to a perceived problem. My uncle died in a car wreck so I think you should have to undergo a background check every time you by gas. A friend of mine died due to complications from obesity so I think you should have to undergo a background check every time you buy food. That is the mindset of the liberal lunatic left.

    Here’s a real solution to our problems: I think everybody needs to take a literacy test to be allowed to vote. Further if you didn’t pay taxes for the year you are voting in you don’t get to vote. You need a picture ID that proves who you are to vote.


    • 45 cal

      Liberals love TAXES & LAWS ….except when they are punished for not obeying
      LAWS or paying TAXES! Oh I forgot….they are the persecuted minority who demand
      reparations. Justice be damned!



    so many think that owning a gun is a privilege to be taxed and controlled by government. just what do they think will happen when these controls are put in place? well now unless they have proof of a mentel problem they must sell the ammo now lets look at who will determine what a mental problem is? well surprise not a doctor its the government. so if you get into a fight with your wife (a rare event in Detroit) it goes onto your record as a mental problem. it doesnt matter that one or the other spent the paycheck and now cant pay the bills, a topic worth an argument. when someone calls the cops and if and when they show up the report is made and your rights to buy ammo are gone. oh and did I mention that now that a law is in place its expansion to restrict other things like renewing your CCW can also disappear This is only the first step in the back door gun control. look at history. Germany. turn in your guns we will protect you. how well did that work? Detroit has just over half a million residences and the hugest murder rate per person just below Chicago. the Mayor has reduced crime by allowing CCW’s as shall issue. now we have one man that wants to reverse that. government isnt your friend——-Grampa


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