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Major Sporting Goods Retailer Draws Huge Protest Crowd

A protest over the gun policy of a well-known in New England retailer drew counter-protestors holding their Second Amendment ground.

On Saturday, Resistance Seacoast and the Kittery Trading Post Action Group mounted a protest at the southern Maine store’s location. The organizations argued that “Kittery Trading Post continues to sell these assault weapons that can quickly kill large numbers of people,” an extension of a campaign launched earlier this year to get the retailer to halt sales of some semi-automatic firearms.

What the activists, who numbered several dozens according to the Portland Press Herald, found was at least an equal number of pro-gun counter demonstrators. Pictures of the event by alternate between sides while the Maine Examiner’s coverage pegged the pro-gun group as about twice as large. The latter figure found concurrence with Maine Carry, who helped promote the counter-protest, as well as a Republican state lawmaker who stopped by.

“Huge turnout today in support of the Kittery Trading Post and our #2ndAmendment,” said state Sen. Eric Brakey in a post to social media, complete with the lawmaker holding an AR near KTP’s sign. “We won’t let Bloomberg and outside special interests intimidate Maine businesses.”

The retailer is the subject of a petition started days after the Parkland, Florida shooting that has amassed over 10,000 signatures of those urging the store to “stop the sale of assault-style firearms & high capacity magazines,” over the threat of a boycott. An opposing petition to “Preserve the sporting heritage of the Kittery Trading Post,” has 14,000signatures.

Established in 1938, the family-owned store sells both new and used guns locally and online via Gunbroker, with some 1,500 auctions listed as of Tuesday, many for semi-autos such as AR-15 variants. KTP, long a fixture in southern Maine, was named one of the best men’s stores in the country by Esquire Magazine in 2011, saying it was “one of the few stores that stood the test of time.”

While KTP did not have a statement, the store posted the Bill of Rights on their electric sign throughout the protest.



  • Rob Longwood

    I would say that posting the “Bill of Rights” on their electronic sign is just about the best statement KTP could have made!


  • Rodney

    I am pleased to see the Good Folks finally taking a stand against the out of town, big city limousine liberals and their anti-American demands. The leftist socialists are ruining our nation with their ignorant demands and if we sit idly by, they will prevail.


  • tuvals

    Kudo’s to Kittery Trading Post! 🇺🇸


  • Joseph Morgan

    Stand firm! do not let these pansies take away your rights. Post the Bill of Rights on the largest sign they have and emphasize the 2nd Amendment, which was enacted to prevent a Tyrannical government and Anarchist from destroying our freedoms. And the way the world and the socialist liberal demoRATS are acting the 2nd Amendment is more important to the citizens than ever.


  • Larry Williams

    KTP we salute you and support you. Let these left wing “douche bags” pound sand we got the guns they don’t. This is why the founding fathers wrote this into law,,the 2nd Amendment “you shall not infringe”. The founding fathers were a insightful bunch that had these “type of douche bags in mind in Europe,and weren’t going to let it happen again. Like the Jewish People in the Holocaust quoted ,” never never again work did not make them free, it made them dead (albeit macht frei). The same for us. These Idiots are uneducated sloth’s. DOJ has determined that the AR-15 is no longer classified as an assault rifle. My lawn mower is if I kill you with it ,it is an “assualt lawnmower”, or my hatchet or ice pick in my kitchen. We honor the constitution not FOOLS. You can’t reason with dumb you just have to tune it out and ignore it. These people remind me of something I learned in law enforcement, if a suspect gets the draw on you before you un-holster your guns and demands you lay them down and further assures he will not shoot either of you after you have laid them dow what do you think he’s going to do?This is what these douche bags don’t understand their ignorance allow us to be vulnerable to those on the left that want to rule us and the world. The first thing a third world country does is disarm it citizens so the may take control. Example Nazi Germany ,Stalin’s Russia etc.


    • glock 19 fan

      You are right on!! The only definition of an “assault weapon” that is accurate, as you pointed out, is, “Any implement ***that is being used to attack another person***.” Assault is a behavior while the gun is simply a tool. And the tool ceases to be an “assault weapon” when the attack ceases. It turns out that even Merriam-Webster has even caved to the gun grabbers and shown that they don’t really know.


      • Larry Williams

        Technically I prefer the jaw bone of an ass the teeth are resilient and really efficient. And it seems to me that there is no special training or background check. And it does work good on taking out large crowds. I also like collecting large amounts of foreskins, the King always gives his daughter to dudes like that for extended valor obtaining them. And it relieves the world of a lot obnoxious pricks. And DOJ doesn’t refer to them as assualt weapons. Oh what we do to persevere the 2nd Amemdment.


  • Charley C.

    Hold your ground KTP ! I may not live in Maine but I still stand with you in spirit ! God Bless America ,and the 2nd amendment !


    • Taz

      I don’t live in Maine either but I have done business with KTP through GunBroker and after reading this article I will certainly do so again!!!


  • Christikido

    What part of Shall not be infringed doesn’t Bloomberg and his Fascist Comrades get! If they don’t like our GOD given rights, then move to Europe where you can be shot dead by Muslims with Automatic weapons, but aren’t allowed to carry even a popgun for defense! Time for real American Patriots to drown out these Billionaire Tyrants, posing as our equals and moral leaders! Enough already!


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