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School Guns To Be Purchased With Federal Funds

National gun control advocates on Wednesday decried reports that the Department of Education is considering funding more guns in schools.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is on the receiving end of flak from the activists on the heels of a New York Times article that reported the long-running Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program could be expanded by order of DeVos to fund purchases of guns for school security efforts. While a spokeswoman for the Education Department declined to comment on “hypothetical scenarios,” others were not so restrained.

“Why? Because gun manufacturers are in the hole at least $100 million since Trump’s election,” theorized Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts on social media. “The @NRA can’t scare Americans by saying the President is going to take away their guns, so they have to arm 3.6M teachers to put money back in their coffers.”

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords went even further, releasing a three-paragraph statement through her gun control organization which in turn slammed the prospect of arming teachers, saying to do so “recklessly puts American children in even more danger,” before stressing the importance of the upcoming mid-term elections in November, where Democrats hope to make gains on Capitol Hill. “We are going to bring gun safety champions to Congress that understand the foolishness of a proposal like this and will have the courage to pass stronger gun laws,” said Giffords.

Earlier this year, President Trump appointed DeVos to chair the Federal Commission on School Safety, which will recommend policy and funding proposals for school violence prevention, including plans to fund training for armed teachers, the latter a concept he has tweeted support for.

A Gallup poll conducted a few weeks after the Parkland, Florida school shooting found that most teachers oppose educators and staff carrying guns in schools. Gun owners, on the other hand, are in favor of the prospect as suggested by polling.

On the state level, in June Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey issued an executive order to allow public school administrators to volunteer to be trained and armed in conjunction with their local county sheriff to protect campuses that lack a dedicated school resource officer. Meanwhile, in Florida, other armed teacher programs are being explored.



  • Wolfy

    When I was in high school there was a program called JrROTC. It taught gun safety and military arts. In our school there was no such thing as a “gun free zone”, we had an indoor shooting range. On Wed. nights we had voluntary NRA classes for children as young as eight who had .22s.

    At dances even some of the students carried .22 LR pistols. The JrROTC acted as guards and everyone knew not to start trouble there. Also no one knew if the teachers were concealed carrying or not. Our JrROTC was not extreme or unheard-of, it was common in schools. It was partly financed by state (California of all states) or federal funds. We never heard of a school shooting as there weren’t any.

    By all means bring guns back into schools. Arm all teachers and administrators who will volunteer and train the students. It was tested for many years. It will save lives.

    Do it for the children.


  • Gooseguts

    We would bring our rifles or shotguns to school because we would go hunting after school. No one was shot. No one was scared by them. We all had been taught firearm safety by our parents. Different times. Different morals.


  • Proudvietvet58

    ARMED Resource Officers are paid with tax payers dollars to protect our Children and Grand Children, there should be NO issue in our tax dollars paying for hand guns for our Teachers as long as THEY can pass a Background check.

    The “STAB” at the NRA & Gun Manufacturers in this article is asinine! The threat still exists where our “Rogue Politicians” want to dis-arm ALL Americans, in direct conflict with our Constitution, which will NEVER happen.


  • Proudvietvet58

    @Gooseguts, We did the same thing in the 60’s and early 70’s. It remained this way until we went through “De-Segregation”. In our small community, it was very common to see farmers and ranchers carry side arms when they came into town to shop at the large General/Farm Supply Store; a fore runner of Walmart, without the “paid” Greeters 🙂. As late as 1969, they had a huge cast iron wood stove with a dozen wooden chairs around it and a 55 gallon wood barrel of Peanuts that were free for the taking for customers and their Children! EVERY family taught their Children gun safety as did our “Agriculture Teacher” did on his own time at no cost.


  • D.P. Allen

    Just a couple of notes about the anti-gun “facts”: The quoted facts are totally wrong.

    Shannon watts came out with some totally bogus numbers for “losses” in the firearms industry. Sounds like she got her $100 million number from the same person who came up with Obama’s “employment” numbers , or the Global Warming “scientists. Make up a number and if you claim it is correct loud and often enough, stupid people might begin to believe you. The firearms industry (according to the increased number of background check requests, etc.) is in excellent health. Granted some manufacturers have close factories, but that was because they moved into new facilities in states that didn’t try to stifle their sales. (Out of CA!)

    I wish Gabby Hays had actually explained how training (first!) and arming teachers and administrators “recklessly endangers children”. Maybe they should go with the liberal idea of giving each classroom a bucket of rocks to throw, or each teacher a baseball bat. I sure those would really stop a person armed with a gun. (Yes, that is sarcasm!) Maybe Gabby Hays isn’t smart enough to learn how to properly use and store a firearm, but most teachers i have met are.

    BTW: The Gallop poll mentioned has been called to task because of the wording of the questions which made most teachers who took the survey look like they were against any teachers being armed versus being a simple would you or would you not want SOME armed and trained teachers in your school. The majority of the teachers answered what they thought was a question about THEM personally being armed. It did not mention having those teachers willing and capable of being properly trained armed. Remember also the high percentage of liberals now in the teaching profession. You know that they will be against anything the liberal media tells them to be against.


  • Artemis

    ” Losses for the Gun Manufacturers”??? Just the opposite is true, during the last couple of years of the So-called “Obama Administration”, gun sales were “over the top”…..People jokingly referred to Obama as “The best Gun Salesman” of all time’…..whoever made that remark should still be in Elementary School…….As I recall, that’s where we all (should have) learned how to read and write!


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