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Will Delaware Ban ‘Large Capacity’ Magazines

A bill introduced in the Delaware House last week would outlaw the sale of magazines capable of holding 10 rounds or more of ammunition.

The measure, HB 375, would make it a misdemeanor to sell or transfer such magazines or possess them along with a firearm that can accept them while in a public place. The sponsor of the bill, state Rep. Larry Mitchell, D-Elsmere, is candid in his assessment that, if adopted, the proposal would not stop mass shootings.

“Smaller magazines will not eliminate mass shooting events, but they can help reduce the number of bullets fired and hopefully minimize the tragic outcome,” said Mitchell, a retired police officer.

Under the guidelines of his bill, the definition of a large capacity magazine would be added to Delaware law. If passed, targeted devices already in circulation would be grandfathered but, like new magazines, they could not be sold or transferred under threat of a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine up to $2,300. In addition, having an LCM and a gun that can use them in public would be made a crime.

“This is a substantial piece of legislation in Delaware’s overall gun safety reform efforts that accommodates our law-abiding citizens while balancing public safety concerns,” said Mitchell, who backed a similar measure in 2013 that tanked.

A number of chamber Republicans and gun rights organizations have forecast Mitchell’s rebooted attempt could catch flak, and, even if passed into law, would not likely deter criminals.

“A high-capacity magazine ban has been tried in several other states and there’s no empirical evidence it does anything to fulfill the intent of the sponsors,” said Jeff Hague, president of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association.

Mitchell is also sponsoring HB 174, which increases the penalty for straw purchases under state law, and HB 366, mandating increased use of trigger locks and gun safes.



  • Rodney Steward

    As our gov. becomes more communist, the war gets closer!!!


    • Kol

      Threatening Content. Reported.


      • kep

        Threatening to whom? Threatening to the liberal communists?


        • Kol

          You sound sort of stupid with the buzzword “communist”! I like to laugh when right wingers use buzzwords like “communist,” “commie,” etc.!! I’ve spent time in Russia with extended family there a number of times. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is watching Russian TV when their Communist Party goes on the air and puts on a loud freak show bragging and boasting about how today they consider themselves Russia’s REPUBLICAN political faction. It’s a real hoot! They are so conservative and loud-mouthed right wingers!!! LOL!!! Fun to watch them!


  • Roger Van

    Please get out and VOTE this year to get rid of all legislators dreaming up these stupid laws and rules. When the hell did America find it okay to listen to kids still in their diapers and using the F-word all the time. I would love to smash him in the mouth for using such bad words when speaking to the media. His parents need to be blackballed in America for raising a jerk of a kid. Someone needs to have a bar of soap rubbed into his mouth, or please knock out his teeth. Bring him to me, I’ll get out of my wheelchair just to prove I mean business with these dumb a$$ kids and walking out of school all the time. And teachers want MORE MONEY, hell no! They sure are not teaching any history lessons to these punks. My opinions only, but I’m mad. My grandsons should be allowed the same rights I have, and they are being denied these rights by Liberals and A$$ HOLES.


    • 81dave81

      Your Vote is useless, They only want you to think it matters.
      You are better of with a good luck charm.
      Government does not listen to anyone, They just tell you they do.
      listening to Most people today is a waste of time.
      IF they knew anything that matters they would be running companies.
      Schools are a waste of time & life, You can learn anything you need & want
      from a computer IF you are willing to use it correctly.
      See, Not on TV.



    The Muslim terrorist couple in San Bernardino had 30-round mags taped together in pairs. CA had outlawed 30-round mags well before that attack which killed 14 of their coworkers.


  • Timothy Toroian

    “GRANDFATHERED” is the wrong word, Article 1,section 9,3rd clause of the U.S. Constitution;No Bill of Attainder OR ex post facto Law shall be passed. And the 14th amendment guarantees that the states must apply federal law to its citizens and that every citizen will be the same as the next guy even if 6 states away. I try to let politicians know that “grandfathered” is not a favor, IT”S THE LAW!


  • Stephen French

    Yet another example of what happens in a State run by Marxist liberal Democrats who primarily fear an armed populace will deter their creating the “proper” form of governance.


  • Larry Cece

    another left wing jerk off with no brains.


  • cjjf

    The very first thing Hitler and Stalin did to gain full control was to rid the public of firearms. I understand not offering the public a gatlin gun, but how is a 10 mag considered high capacity? Given the power the cartels use, 10 would sound good for self defense in many of this countries drug invested cities.


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