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Result On Market After School Shooting

Share prices for publicly traded gun makers increased in the wake of a shooting at high school in southern Florida that left at least 17 dead.

American Outdoor Brands, Vista Outdoor and Sturm, Ruger and Co. spiked between 2 percent and 4 percent Thursday as the familiar outcry over AR-15 rifles gained traction among lawmakers and media pundits.

“Assault weapons were designed for war and that’s why they are the weapon of choice for mass murderers,” said Democractic Florida State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith in an interview with Tallahassee Democrat. “They do not belong in civilian hands.”

Smith represents the Orlando district where a lone gunman massacred 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in June 2016. In the two year’s since, he’s sponsored two bills banning “assault weapons,” but says he can’t get the proposals heard in committee.

“Concealed carry is being heard everywhere in this Legislature but these other bills die on the vine,” he said. “The victims deserve a hearing. Sandy Hook’s kids deserve a hearing. The 49 people at Pulse deserve a hearing. These 17 people who are gone forever, whose parents are mourning, they deserve a hearing.”

Florida Republicans instead called for more money to “harden” schools, the newspaper reported, including boosting access to mental health treatment and increasing the number of armed resource officers.

“I am asking all of my legislative colleagues to support an appropriation of $100 million for mental health screening, counseling, and training, as well as the hardening of our schools in the K-12 budget, which Sen. Passidomo has already included in the Senate education budget,” said Republican State Sen. Bill Galvano. “It is imperative that a portion of this allocation goes toward ensuring that we have the necessary number of armed resource officers at our schools across Florida.”



  • Old Pioneer

    It’s past time to Stop the ASININE politically based discussions and Political Stupidity of enacting Gun Control which is IMPOSSIBLE and to enact and Concentrate on PEOPLE CONTROL by installing metal detectors in all school entry gates just as they do in airports, sports stadiums and other places where people congregate in numbers!!! We need NATIONAL Concealed Carry approved for ALL states so Liberal States cannot stop legal carry from entering their states!! If Congress would spend just 25% of the money they blow on pet projects for a select few constituents on training and metal detectors for all schools, it would put an end to these problems.


  • Batbear

    I shall attempt to define a couple of words for readers of this RTBA comments thread. The first one is:
    “Demagogue,” when used as a verb. Demagoguery (n) is a defining rhetorical tool of the Democrat Party and it means the “unprincipled exploitation of a person’s or a peoples’ emotions, prejudices/biases, or passions to advance one’s own interests.” So when Carlos Gulliermo Smith employs ‘loaded’ nouns such as “assault weapons,” (“Sturmgewehren”) to describe ordinary single action repeating rifles, he mendaciously seeks to evoke the emotions among the under-informed members of the public so as to outrage and persuade them to agee with him.

    So what’s wrong with that? It’s is not a sin; it’s just a familiar rhetorical device which works with children, emotionally-inclined mobs and with the dim-witted weak of mind. So I resort to it imyself if defending against a crowd of Democrats.

    Demagoguery, political action on the part of your kids’ teachers, and several years of public shool “dumbing down” (not to mention a lot of George Soros’ money), and slanted journalism, will power up several student marches in the next few weeks. School-aged children will act righteously indignant, carry cleverly sarcastic signage, and make a lot of noise, demanding astoundingly stupid stuff–thus demonstrating the power of demagoguery.

    The other word that needs to be highlighted here is, “Cynicism.” Cynicism is the empty spot in a person’s heart which leads him to hold a low opiniion of others–so much so that he holds a low opinion of himself as well. Hence, he attributes what would be his motives to the actions or rationale of another. “Other” people are disingenuous. Other people are hypocritical. Other people are stupid.

    Armed with such a low opinion of others, a Cynic has no regard for the faith, the sorrow, the grieving ot others. He will allow no crisis to go to waste, not even the murder of 17 young people. For the cynic, this is not a time for mourning; it is an opportunity to demagogue an issue. So that’s is what you see when you have to suffer the vulture-like actions of people like Carlos Gulliermo Smith, Democrat. He uses the suffering of others to advance his Party’s agenda.

    Now THAT is a sin.


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