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FBI Clarifies: No Terrorism Involved In Recent Shooting

The FBI doesn’t believe terrorism played any role in a shooting at the National Security Administration campus at Maryland’s Fort Meade, an agency spokesperson said Wednesday.

“We do not believe there is any nexus to terrorism at this point in time, and believe that this was an isolated incident,” Gordon Johnson, special agent in charge at the FBI’s Baltimore Field Division office, told reporters. “We ask for your patience as the investigation continues.”

Federal investigators said three men riding in a black SUV with New York tags tried to breach an NSA security gate around 6:55 a.m. Wednesday. The vehicle crashed into a concrete barrier after officers opened fire. An officer, a nearby civilian and one of the suspects were wounded and hospitalized.

“At this point we don’t believe any of the injuries were the result of gunfire,” Johnson said, noting the civilian and officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect’s condition remains unknown.

Video footage captured by NBC 4 Washington shows the SUV’s windshield cracked and dotted with bullet holes. Authorities shut down a state highway around the gate for two hours Wednesday morning while investigators cleared the scene.

Johnson said all three suspect are in police custody and the FBI’s investigation is ongoing. “We are conducting interviews, trying to talk to them, figure out why they were here,” he said.

The White House released a statement Wednesday afternoon, hours after an administration spokesperson said the president had been briefed on the situation.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected,” the statement said. “We will continue to provide updates as they become available.”

It’s not the first time gunfire has erupted at the NSA security gate, the Associated Press reports. A Baltimore man died and a second was wounded after ignoring commands from law enforcement to leave the NSA campus in March 2015. The men, riding in a stolen Ford Explorer, rammed the vehicle into a police car during the incident.




    these spooks are impossible to get a straight answer from.they are just one more leg of the dark cockroach infested hidden government that has taken-over our nation.


  • sandraleesmith46

    No terrorism? SO, we’re supposed to believe 3 guys just took a joy ride from NY to Ft Meade, near Baltimore, to crash the gate for the FUN of it???? Give it a rest! People in that area and most of the nation as well, KNOW what’s there, and that it’s well guarded. Either they were there for nefarious purposes, ie terrorism, or they’re all BLITHERING IDIOTS who don’t have any business driving a car or going anywhere without their keepers.


  • Jake

    What would the FBI know?


  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    The FBI can deduce that no terrorism was involved in the recent shooting at the NSA campus
    at Ft. Meade, Maryland. They can deduce that, but Mueller can’t deduce that there was NO
    Russian collusion by Trump! The FBI couldn’t deduce that Nikolas Cruz was troubled after 39 times
    police were called to his house and threatening messages he left. Mueller, after a year of
    digging into President Trump’s life cannot come up with ANY evidence of wrongdoing! I have
    every confidence in our FBI for their brilliant deductions. I imagine they cannot find ANY
    evidence of wrongdoing from Obama and Hillary, nor anyone in the former administration.


  • kassa1

    The American people are suppose to believe them, especially after all the corruption is comming to light every day! To me this was someore Obama hold over thins from the upper ranks, just like Vegas where this smells like a leftist govt hit for another assault against 2nd ammendment! Example a man has a dozen guns all over a bed room and it’s shown by the media and one man ( if cops were not told to stand down)couldn’t possibly use more than s couple before being killed if the swat team was not told to stand down! Holder and Obama were both involved in gun running to get innocent people killed to blame it on gun shows to drum up support for gun consfication! The left has worked hard for the communist one world order for global gunconsfication for years! Europe was disarmed using the same communist tactic the democrats are using here but now the people in Australia and Europe are buying guns to protect THEIRSELF from all the rape and violence the Muslims are doing in Europe! Never give up your weapons unless you want what’s going on in Europe to happen here.


  • Walter Harvey

    I’d say that a mass shooting IS terrorism! The FBI can call it what they will, i say terrorism.


  • Reality of Truth

    Notice how you see absolutely NO mention of this in the lame stream media.


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